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Gyonyoung Yoon Hello, I am Gyonyoung Yoon! I am a visual artist interested in experimenting with the possibilities of visuals. Today, we are surrounded by visuals literally every second of our lives with the development of digital technology. As a result, our ability to read images has improved greatly and I believe we have reached a point where we can communicate only with visuals. Based on this belief, I always try to make work speaks for itself. I am also interested in digitising myself and my life. I believe that everything- experiences, relationships, emotions and even human beings can be uploaded and downloaded these days. By converting and uploading myself digitally, I aim to meet people regardless of physical limitations such as distance and time with the possibility of making a back-up for my present mind.
2012 - 2017 BA, Man and Communication, Design Academy Eindhoven 2016 Internship at Peter Zimmermann studio 2018 - 2020 MA, Visual Communication, Konstfack University