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世紀末色 Segimal Colour (2019)  ‘Segimal(The end of the century) Color’ reflects my personal story in Tokyo with the pictures I took. The work was originally titled 'Plastic Blue' with highly saturated blue-colored photos. Although I had never visited Tokyo until 2016, I was overexposed to it through media. As a consequence, media-made stereotypes affected me greatly, and I unconsciously made a decision to visualize my expectation, not my experience. I imagined Tokyo would be a plastic and futuristic cyberpunk, but in fact, it is analog and nostalgic. It almost seemed as if its time has stopped in the 1990s. I wanted to redo it to visualize my true impression of the city. The first part of the work consists of pictures of Tokyo in 2016 and Seoul in 1996 in comparison, showing how similar they are, even though there is a 20-year gap between the two cities. In the second part, photomontages are presented with hand-written childhood stories and the last part shows the structures remind me of the 1990s.