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Image Translation -Poems- (2019)  This is the second part of my research to find out how far visuals can communicate without texts. For this step, the process continued by translating my favorite Korean poems, into 15 seconds of videos. Each poem is divided into three to four keywords translations and one conclusion translation that combines all keywords, giving an overall impression of the poem. With the poem called 'People of the City', the translation emphasizes its content. On the other hand, 'The Cliff' emphasizes its structure.
Keyword= Lethargic passion
People of the City by Sunae Wu keyword= Lethargic passion Mechanization of human Lost in a crowd Glowing empty dreams The heat of people starts their own cars following dreams The city is a burning red zone The shadowless concrete jungle is stifling by the fever of tropical nights Do not know where to go An aimless day There is no time to lose and pause Keep falling over the net of time And the minds are getting thinner every time But they cannot abandon the road to their dreams under the blind sunlight So they live 25 hours
Keyword= Structure of the poem/ without spacing words
The Cliff by Sang Lee keyword= Repeating words with slight changes Contrasts between flowers and a grave Structure of the poem/ without spacing words Flowersareinvisible.Flowersarefragrant.Fragranceiseverywhere.Idigagravethere.Agraveisalsoinvisible.Isitinsidetheinvisiblegrave.Iliedown.Again,flowersarefragrant.Flowersareinvisible.Fragranceiseverywhere.Iforgetanddigagraveagain.Agraveisinvisible.Iforgetaboutflowersandgoinsidetheinvisiblegrave.Idoliedown.Aah.Flowersarefragrantagain.Evenflowersareinvisible-Evenflowersareinvisible