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Image Translation -Young Zelkova Tree- (2020)  In the last part of my research, a short story 'Young Zelkova Tree (1960)' written by ShinJae Kang, was visually translated. It is known for its norm-challenging love story between an eighteen-year-old girl ‘Suhki' and her stepfather’s son ‘Hyongyu’ and its unique style of writing representing the idioms of the times. From 1950 to 1953, Korea had a war between North and South. Society was devastated. The literature written in the post-war period was mostly hopeless and pessimistic. On the contrary, ‘Young Zelkova Tree’ was dealing with love and hope from a young girl's point of view, encouraging people to look forward, in the most challenging way -a woman writer publishes a girl’s love story in the 1960s. The short story is divided into three chapters in line with the storyline. Each chapter has four to five visual translations for key sentences and one conclusion translationfor the whole chapter.
‘He always smells of soap.’
‘He is sitting down with his face half turned, peering through the window at the rose bush outside…Even the side of his countenance that he would rather not reveal to me looks attractive.’
‘I had a sip and looked up at him…appeared to be overtaken by a gush of emotion in that short moment.’
‘The brief moments of cheerfulness and happiness I have experienced cannot be mine for long; aren't they manifestations of my own sorrows and torment?’
Chapter 1 Beginning of love Unsure about each other’s feelings Lost in the waves of strong emotions (mostly excitement) Key sentence: ‘How do I appear in his eyes?’